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Show an Elephant Massaging A Woman (Viral Video 2021)

  Show an Elephant Massaging A Woman (Viral Video 2021)

Elephant Massaging A Woman

This elephant rubdown video, which has been regarded almost 10,000 instances on Twitter, has also racked up several critical reactions.

A video of an elephant massaging a female's back is presently going viral on social media. The video shows the woman lying on a low bed while the elephant uses her trunk and paws to apply pressure to her back.

 Although this video is not new - it has been going around the Internet for at least two years now - it goes viral again after resurfacing on Twitter, once again highlighting this problematic practice.

in step with The Dodo, using educated elephants to rub down vacationers has long been promoted as a fun pastime in Thailand. And even as the idea of getting a jumbo press down for your again might also appear terrifying to a few, those elephants were educated from an early age, and numerous visitors look upon elephant massages as a unique and innocent activity.

So why is it complex? in step with the arena Animal protection, an animal welfare company, elephants used for this form of enjoyment have to go through a merciless training manner. toddler elephants are separated from their mothers at a very younger age and subjected to brutal 'education' approaches designed to make them submissive to people.